Moving from Scripting programming to Object Oriented Programming

If you followed some classes in programming you probably are familiar with procedural programming, or scripting programming. In other words you know how you can automatize a set of actions in order to boost your productivity and/or execute complex calculations. Most of my students fall in this category. They get introduced to Python and they use it as scripting language for building some mesh-up with data.

However, modern software use more sophisticated techniques that enable millions of lines of code to co-exist and run simultaneously in your machine. The article that you will find in this list will let you grasp some of these techniques that you could implement in your daily practice in order to produce better code and thus save time in building a prototype.

In this article I am giving a set of pointers for everybody that is familiar with the concept of programming but has not been introduced to Object Oriented Programming (OOP).

But let's start from the beginning:

Take care of the way you program: An Integrated Development Environment (IDE) refers to a set of tools that will facilitate the development of your code. They are specifically designed by programmers for programmers in order to overcome the difficulties of handling large projects, You can know more by:

Now that your working environment is running properly,let's get familiar with Object Oriented Programming. Objects, not procedures and functions, are the basic building blocks of modern software. You can know more by:

If you will integrate these techniques in your daily practices, once you overcome the initial disorientation, you will quickly experience a tremendous increase of efficiency and you will never want to go back to the “old way” of programming. Thus you will become a better programmer!

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